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Different institutions are offering start-up training courses throughout Switzerland on behalf of Innosuisse. The first two modules are aimed specifically at members of universities. Module 1 ‘Business ideas – Feel the start-up groove’ takes place as an evening event at the University of Bern in the spring of each year. Module 2, ‘Business concept – Get the start-up toolbox’, offers an evening course with around 10 dates to convey specialist knowledge and tools for the further development of a business idea into a business model and thus your own company.

The ‘business concept’ courses in Basel, Bern, Biel, Lugano, Lucerne and Muttenz are offered by various universities under the coordination of the entrepreneurship centre and posted on the website.


The Entrepreneurship Center hosts the course Business Concept at the location Bern. Each fall semester the Business Concept course takes place in the main building of the University of Bern. The next course starts in September 2020.



Main Building of the University of Bern
Hoschschulstrasse 4
Room 215

Flyer Innosuisse Module 2 - Bern
Anna-Leena Marti

Manager Projects Outreach & Innosuisse-Training