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Weiterbildung CAS

Further Education CAS Entrepreneurship

We develop courses at university level in the field of continuing education. What knowledge and skills can be used to successfully tackle the rapid changes in entrepreneurship? As part of the CAS in entrepreneurship, we will answer these questions with an innovative programme concept. People who both want to learn how to be entrepreneurs in existing organisations and who are already entrepreneurs are equally addressed. The current course has been running since 31 October 2018. The next CAS starts on November 6, 2019.

Innosuisse Start-up Training

Start-up Training

We offer the semester evening course ‘Business concept – Get the start-up toolbox’ on behalf of Innosuisse. The course is aimed at academics with ideas and entrepreneurial intentions for a knowledge-based or technology-driven company. You will be trained to think and act like an entrepreneur and become prepared for the foundation and management of a company both theoretically as well as practically. The next course will start in September 2019.

Berner Business Creation Wettbewerb

Bernese Business Creation Competition

Together with public and private partners, we organise the Bern business creation competition for interested people from inside and outside of the universities every two years. In the first qualification round, the most promising ideas are selected and their owners are provided with access to individual coaching sessions and workshops. In the final round, the best 5 teams will have the opportunity to present their ideas to a larger audience and 3 prizes in the amount of CHF 18,000 will be awarded.

Events & Workshops

Events &

As organizers, partners, guest speakers or coaches, the Entrepreneurship Center engages with its professors and staff on various occasions, courses, workshops and other event formats. Our own events aim to inspire participants in entrepreneurship and to promote networking between people within and outside the University of Bern with an interest in entrepreneurship. The next event “Pitch & Punch” will take place on 10th December 2018.

BBCW Award Ceremony

The Award Ceremony of the fourth Bernese Business Creation Competition is coming closer: We are pleased to invite you on May 22, 2019 to the Bierhübeli Bern to follow the presentations of the top five teams. More information about the evening program and the teams can be found on the following page:


«Vernetzt denken, vernetzt publizieren» – Im Gespräch mit Team Peng Project

Team Peng Project, worum geht es bei eurem Start-up? Peng Project ist eine soziale Initiative, um eine unabhängige und neuartige Informationsplattform aufzubauen, basierend auf gegenseitigem Austausch. Jedes Peng Mitglied kann gemeinsam mit einem erfahrenen Coach ein selbst gewähltes Thema umsetzen und professionell publizieren. Mit Peng Project entsteht ein neuer Informationsfluss.   Ein Medien-Start-Up also: Wie…


«Matchmaking statt Tinder» – Im Gespräch mit Team Indigen

Johanna, du machst am Berner Business Creation Wettbewerb mit der Idee «Indigen» mit. Um was geht es bei deinem Projekt? Laut dem Expat Insider Survey 2018 ist die Schweiz eines der schwierigsten Länder in Sachen Integration (44. Platz von 68 Länder) – das Hauptproblem sei den Anschluss zu Einheimischen zu finden. Dies muss aber nicht…