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Das Entrepreneurship Center (EC) dient als Dialogplattform für Studierende, Unternehmerpersönlichkeiten und die Öffentlichkeit.
Im Bereich Weiterbildung entwickeln wir Angebote auf universitärem Niveau. Personen, die sich auf Entrepreneurship in bestehenden Organisationen spezialisieren wollen, und (zukünftige) UnternehmerInnen sind gleichermassen angesprochen.

Im Bereich Outreach bieten wir Veranstaltungen zur Vernetzung und Weiterentwicklung von unternehmerischen Personen und Projekten. Insbesondere der Berner Business Creation Wettbewerb sowie der Berner Start-up Evening dienen der Verbindung zwischen Hochschule, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft.
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In’s Weekend mit – dem Berner Startup Buffscrub

Impression Buffscrub

Wir beenden unsere Vorstellungsrunde der BBCW-Teams 2016/17 mit einem tollen Start-Up direkt aus unserer Heimatstadt Bern: Buffscrub! Tom und Amy Derrington setzen mit Buffscrub made in Bern im Sinne der Upcycling-Mentalität ein Zeichen gegen all den Plastik im Grundwasser: sie entwickelten ein Kaffee-Körperpeeling, mit welchem man nicht nur seiner Haut und sich selbst Gutes tut, sondern auch der Umwelt. Für Buff werden nur biologische Zutaten verwendet und der Kaffee ist Fair-Trade. Nun verrät uns das englische Geschwisterpaar, was sie an der schweizerischen Startup-Szene besonders mögen und warum sie stolz sind, ein Teil dieser Reise zu sein.


  • What is buffscrub and what can I do with it?

Buff coffee scrub is an organic natural body exfoliant. We have combined rich, bio ground coffee beans together with a blend of natural ingredients to create a delicious body scrub for healthy, beautiful skin. Why Coffee? Well Switzerland is a coffee loving nation but as well as being great to drink, coffee also has numerous benefits for the skin. We use rich bio coffee grounds loaded with caffeine to stimulate blood flow and help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, acne and other blemishes. Caffeine is also loaded with antioxidants, which help to fight premature skin aging like wrinkles, sun spots, and fine lines. Coffee on its own would be pretty boring, so we have blended our ground coffee with various organic oils all designed to help benefit your skin such as Coconut oil, a powerful moisturizer that works to restore dry or flaking skin and Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamins A, B and E will help fight against wrinkles. We also add in a blend of organic natural essential oils, commonly used as natural relaxants to improve circulation and calm both body and mind…as well as making your skin smell amazing. We have added in Raw sugar and Sea Salt, both perfect for exfoliating your skin. Sugar is a natural humectant, meaning it will actually help to hydrate your skin and keep moisture within. So what do I do with it? Simple, get naked, get in the shower and get wet! Grab a handful of delicious Buff Coffee Scrub and massage into your skin. Let the natural ingredients get to work for a couple of minutes and then rinse it all away. We are confident that your skin will be left feeling pretty Buff! We are currently selling our scrubs online and are being sold in a number of stores around Switzerland, including Maggs and Tarzan.


  • How did you get the idea?

We first came up with the idea after hearing that our mother had started saving her old coffee grounds to rub on her skin – she wanted to fight wrinkles. We laughed at her at first but then started researching the benefits of coffee and realised that she was on to something. The next time we met for coffee at our favourite cafe in Bern, Einstein’s Kaffee, we asked if they had any unused coffee for us to borrow. They gave us a bag, and we started testing it out on ourselves and friends and family. Everyone loved it and so we decided to start a business. On of the most positive things we found was that coffee acts as the perfect alternative to microbeads which are the tiny plastic beads found in most bodyscrubs. These microbeads are causing huge problems for the enviroment as not only are we washing a lot of plastic down our sinks, but fish and birds are eating them and they are even ending up back in our food! Microbeads are used to help exfoliate skin but actually, coffee grounds do exactly the same thing, with extra benefits and without any plastic.


  • You are from englandwhat do you think about the startup-scene here in Switzerland? What’s different to your homeland?

We are both from England but have ended up in Bern through pure coincidence – a few years ago, we both met our partners who happened to be Swiss, so that is the story how we landed here. So far we have found the start-up scene in Switzerland to be amazing. People are open to new ideas and innovation and there is a lot of support available, like, for example, the BBC-Competition. We have had a great journey so far: the workshops have been really helpful for us to turn an idea into a profitable business and our BBCW-Coach Marcela Garcia Freire is always on hand to offer advice. But we also have found that people are very passionate about local businesses and products so although we are foreigners, we are determined to make sure that Buff remains as ‘Swiss Made’ as possible. We think that people in Switzerland seem to be very aware about the enviromental impact of the the products that they chose and it seems that the range of Bio and organic products available is much more common and popular that in the UK. We ensure that Buff Scrub uses the best quality ingredients. We source fairly traded bio coffee, organic oils and pure essential oils. And, with this background, we are very proud and thankful to be with Buff a part of the process right here in Switzerland!